Animal Ark Pre-Season Weekend Opening

If you are free this weekend, stop by the Animal Ark in Reno, NV for their pre-season weekend opening!

The wildlife sanctuary will be open to the public from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM on March 16 and 17. Visitors are invited to come see the Animal Ark’s wild residents in their winter landscape. If you cannot make it this weekend, the Animal Ark will officially be open for the 2019 season on March 23rd! 

Click here to get to know the animals!

The Animal Ark, which was founded in 1981, provides a home to “injured, abandoned and otherwise non-releasable wildlife.” It is a non-profit wildlife sanctuary that is committed to providing its animals with a life-long home —with enclosures that mimic their natural environment. Here, animals that cannot survive independently in the wild for one reason or another, are given a second chance at life!

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Jessica Whalen

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