Are coyotes really “bad to the bone”?

Are coyotes really “bad to the bone”? Coyotes often get a bad reputation in urban areas and are perceived as a nuisance. However, in a study conducted by the National Park Service, Biologists tracked 110 coyotes with GPS collars and found no instance of coyotes hurting people’s pets. It is also extremely rare that people report a coyote biting or attacking someone.

It is important to keep in mind that coyotes have been on the North American landscape for a very long time. Generation after generation they have been giving birth to pups, raising them, mating, and the cycle begins anew.

Many of these important canines have been pushed out of their vast home ranges and are now segmented into smaller areas surrounded by freeways and urban sprawl. Surely we can all find a way for us both to peacefully coexist in our cities and natural areas.

Korinna Domingo

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