Bear-Human Conflicts

Animals today live in an ever-changing landscape. As wildlife habitat is reduced and fragmented by human development, it’s not surprising that conflicts between people and animals seem to be on the rise. For wide-ranging carnivores like mountain lions (Puma concolor) and bears (Ursus americanus), the diminishing availability of quality habitat poses a risk to both their well-being and ours.

Black bears are making a comeback in parts of Nevada after a long absence and residents are challenged with learning how to coexist. A recent study mapped the potential “hotspots” for bear-human conflicts with the hopes of avoiding future issues and protecting both human and wild lives.

The study, which was conducted in the Lake Tahoe Basin and Great Basin Desert in western Nevada, found that most bears were killed in vehicle collisions or had been put down by wildlife officials because of conflicts with people. According to an article published on Mongabay, researchers learned that “more bears died closer to towns, roads and livestock pastures in the study area.”

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The good news is we can all do our part to minimize conflicts with bears and other wildlife. Using bear-resistant trash cans and cleaning up pet food are a couple of easy ways that you can deter a bear from showing up on your property.

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Denise Peterson

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