Bobcat Tracks

Who made that track? When hiking through Nevada’s wild lands, we may find the occasional track left by a wandering critter. If you’re the curious sort, you may wonder who it belongs to.

Bobcat tracks are fairly small, ranging from 2-2.5 inches wide and are much smaller than mountain lion tracks. The heel pad is similar in shape to mountain lion tracks, but the inner two toe pads are more rounded, and the outer two toe pads are tear-drop shaped. The bottom edge of the heel pad has three distinct lobes, in the shape of a W or an M, depending on how you are looking at it. The front edge of the heel pad is flat, with a divot in the middle. Bobcat tracks are as wide as they are long and they almost always lack claw marks because of the amount of fur in between their toes.

With these adaptations, the bobcat can quietly meander through the landscape, minimizing any sound it may make by placing its hind foot very close to, or on top of the front track. This stealth mode helps them avoid detection.

Find out how much smaller bobcats tracks are than mountain lion tracks in our next post!

Diana Lakeland

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