Bobcat Vocalizations

We all know how important communication is. Being able to articulate what we are thinking or feeling to one another helps us get through everyday life. Communication is equally important to wildlife like mountain lions, bobcats, bears, coyotes, and more! There are, of course, different forms of communication. Some forms are visual — like scrapes, whereas other forms may be olfactory — like scents. Animals will also vocalize or call to one another.

Bobcats (Lynx rufus) have a wide variety of vocalizations, some of which include chirps, hissing, growling or even purring. In fact, a bobcat’s caterwaul, or howl, can be heard up to a mile away! The call that a bobcat uses varies by situation. For instance, a bobcat kitten may chirp when calling looking for mom, while another individual may growl or hiss when defending its territory.

Listening to wildlife gives us an opportunity to play detective. Take a moment to watch this short video. What do you think this bobcat is trying to communicate?

Denise Peterson

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