Coyote Killing Contests Planned

The Nevada Department of Wildlife classifies coyotes as an unprotected species, meaning they can be legally hunted without a license. Consequently, two coyote hunting events have been announced in the coming months.

The Silver Saloon in Austin, NV is hosting their annual “Coyote Derby” on October 7th. The Nevada Coyote Calling Championship, put on by Nevada Predator Hunters, takes place in Las Vegas from November 10th – 11th.

These pay-to-play killing sprees are for-profit entertainment that have no place in wildlife management. Coyote populations are self-regulated through territory defense and the natural order of the pack: only the alpha female breeds. When coyotes are killed off indiscriminately, they actually have larger litter sizes with more pups to compensate. Furthermore, hunting contests can perpetuate a culture of violence and lack of respect for our Nevadan neighbors.

If you’d like to voice your opposition to these killing contests, Project Coyote has provided a list of effective actions you can take. You can write and call your state legislators, local BLM representatives, and editors of your local paper to inspire change.

Aaron Huelsman

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