Coyote Killing Contests

Did you know that hunters gather annually to kill coyotes and other wildlife? Coyotes, considered by many to be “varmints”, are the targets of hobby killers for pleasure. However, bobcats, foxes, and even mountain lions will be indiscriminately killed if they find their way into an are where one of these “contests” are taking place.

Coyote killing contests are conducted under the guise of conservation. Supporters claim that there is value in killing coyotes. In doing so, they believe that they are helping boost deer populations and improving safety for livestock by reducing coyote numbers. Contrary to popular belief, however, coyote numbers are on the rise!

Research has also shown that having a stable population of coyotes, free from wanton killing, actually reduces the number of coyotes in an area, minimizes conflict with people and livestock, and can even be beneficial to people!

In Nevada, coyotes do not have any protections and such killing contests are organized annually. As a result, they can be hunted by residents and non-residents alike without any type of license. Our wildlife is already faced with many challenges in an ever-changing landscape – killing contests should not be one of them.


Denise Peterson

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