Coyotes and Dogs

As human civilization reaches further and further into areas that were once wild, animals have been forced to adapt to an increasingly urban landscape. Coyotes are particularly known for their prowess and adaptability. These wild canines are learning how to make a living in our streets and cities. Surviving in the shadows, they are rarely seen.

Though people may seldom see these wily canines, that does not mean that coyotes and man’s best friend don’t mingle from time to time. In fact, dogs and coyotes will, on occasion, mate. Their offspring are called¬†coydogs. Similar to coywolves – coyote and wolf hybrids that are typically found in the northeastern United States, these hybrids are rare, but do occur. Mating can be difficult for dogs and coyotes as they are often on different cycles, with coyotes breeding between January and March before domestic dogs even go into heat. Also, coyotes are generally more aggressive towards dogs and are typically reluctant to mate.

Interestingly, coydogs aren’t only a recent occurrence. As it turns out, coyotes and dogs have been bred in the past. In particular, these two species were bred in Pre-Columbian Mexico where coyotes were highly revered.

Denise Peterson

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