Coyotes are a Songbird’s Best Friend

We all know cats and dogs (for the most part) are mortal enemies. That couldn’t be more true for coyotes and our domestic companions:  the house cat. It turns out that the rivalry between coyotes and domestic cats is beneficial for our avian neighbors.

Songbirds are frequent targets of outdoor cats. In fact, in a study published in the Journal of Mammalogy, researchers estimated that billions of birds are killed each year in the United States alone by free-roaming cats. So how do coyotes factor into the equation?

It turns out that, wherever coyotes are, cats generally aren’t. Not avoiding coyote territory can have disastrous results for our feline friends. Coyotes are effective at limiting the number of cats in area by, shall we say, removing them from the environment. Researchers have found that the lack of cats, thanks to coyotes, has been beneficial for songbird populations that are now able to thrive.

Remember, keeping your fur kiddy inside is safer for her and for your wild neighbors!

Denise Peterson

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