Endangered Species Day: Amargosa Niterwort

2017-05-19 Amargosa Niterwort 4

Amargosa Niterwort

Official Status of Amargosa Niterwort:

Life History:

This member of the Chenopodiaceae family occupies the most localized habitat of all plant species endemic to Ash Meadows. Although little is known about its life history or habitat requirements, observations indicate it is an extremely hardy species that is tolerant of high soil salinity and alkalinity. As a result, no other plant species occupy this habitat in many locations. The plant rarely exceeds 4 inches in height and is perennial. Large, rhizomatous roots connect many seemingly individual plants within a colony. Flowering occurs in the late spring and flowers are small.

Distribution and Habitat:

The Amargosa niterwort's habitat is limited to highly alkaline, moist, salt-encrusted clay soils within the southern portion of Carson Slough in both Nevada and California.


The loss of habitat by recent agricultural and municipal development activities, the clearing of land for road construction,the removal of ground water and diversion of surface spring flow, and local mining activities threaten the integrity of the species' habitat and, therefore, their survival.



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