Fantastic Females of Every Species!

Happy International Women’s Day! Women across the world have driven the engine of humankind for millennia, contributing countless improvements to society, culture, science, and every other imaginable field. On this day we can’t help but feel appreciation for the tough roles females across the animal kingdom are tasked with!

Mountain lions make extraordinary moms. They nurse their kittens for up to 3 months before weaning, and their growing cubs can stay with them for up to 2 years before departing in search of their own territory. It takes many successful hunts to feed a family of 3 practically full-sized lions!

Coyotes really take the term “super mom” to a new level. The fact that coyote mothers can rely on the father (the pair can mate for life and remain completely monogamous) to bring back food to sustain her and their pups allows her to dedicate her time and energy to raising the litter. Coyotes can have up to 16 puppies in a litter and nurse for up to 7 weeks — imagine how much milk that must take!

You wouldn’t want to get a black bear with cubs upset. Mama bear only cares about keeping her cubs safe, and she won’t take any chances if she perceives a threat to her young. She raises and nurses her cubs with milk five times as fatty as ours in a warm den for 3-4 months until spring arrives and the cubs are strong enough to venture out with mom. Their bond will remain strong for over a year and a half while mama bear dotes on her cubs and protects them from anything she can.

Bobcat moms are exactly what you’d think: clever and hard-working. They move their kittens, which are helpless and blind for a week after they’re born, between several dens to avoid being tracked down by potential predators. Like mountain lions and black bears, the male doesn’t play any role in raising offspring, so the species’ survival is dependent on the skill and ability of bobcat mothers!

Aaron Huelsman

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