International Cat Day

Left: bobcat (Lynx rufus), Right: Mountain lion (Puma concolor) kitten

Happy International Cat Day! We’d like to take a moment to celebrate all of our cats; both big and small, wild and domestic.

In Nevada, we’re fortunate to have two amazing species of wild cats in our state:  bobcats (Lynx rufus) and mountain lions (Puma concolor). Whether or not you’ve seen one in the wild, they’re out there and they make our state unique! While bobcats range throughout a large portion of North America, the mountain lion’s range in North America has been significantly reduced to western states due to hunting pressures and bounties. Nevada is one of the lucky few to still have both of these magnificent cats in their natural habitat!

We hope that you can take some time today to get out and explore. Check out this rugged and beautiful landscape that our bobcats and mountain lions call home!

Denise Peterson

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