Learning More About Wild Cats

You know what they say: Knowledge is power! Well, we couldn’t agree more. We also think that Nevada’s wild cats — bobcats (Lynx rufus) and mountain lions (Puma concolor) — are pretty fascinating. How about you? Do you want to learn more about these and other wild cats? If you answered yes, we have something that’s right up your alley!

The Wild Felid Research and Management Association (WFA) is a “non-profit association of professionals and non-professionals directly involved with research and management of wild cats or simply interested in learning more about wild felids and ways to help conserve them in the Western Hemisphere.” Their mission is simple: promote the “sound management, conservation, and restoration” of wild cats. If you want to learn more about our wild cats, this is a great starting point!

You may also be interested to know that the WFA also sends out a biannual newsletter, the Wild Felid Monitor, to its members. The newsletter focuses on current issues in conservation. We highly recommend becoming a member and learning more today!

Denise Peterson

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