Mountain lion vocalizations

What do mountain lion vocalizations, or calls, sound like? While they do have some vocalizations that we may be more familiar with, like purring for example, they also have some more unique calls that sound almost birdlike. While we’re on the subject, did you know that mountain lions are the biggest cat that can purr? In fact, they’re not so different from your domestic cat!

Researchers with Panthera’s Puma Project have documented all sorts of different calls from these surprisingly social cats. If you’ve ever been curious what it sounds like when a mama mountain lion is communicating with her kittens, here’s a great opportunity to listen in on their conversation. In this audio clip, you can hear kittens chirping in a way that sounds almost birdlike. What do you think these cats are “talking” about?

Thanks to Panthera Puma Project’s researchers, we have a wonderful opportunity to learn more about how these big cats “talk” to one another.


Denise Peterson

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