Nevada’s essential feline

Though they live a reclusive life, it’s imperative that every Nevadan get to know this amazing feline. Knowing about mountain lions will help you to keep your neighborhood, pets and livestock safe, and will teach you about how essential mountain lions are to Nevada’s environmental health.  Lions benefit everything from songbirds to rare wildflowers to butterflies, and you’ll learn how. Mountain lions once lived all across America, but now they survive only in 16 Western states and Florida. We’re lucky they’re still here in Nevada!

With Nevada’s dramatically shifting climate and ecosystems it’s impressive how the mountain lion survives here. In our new mountain lion blog we are excited to share the story of the rarely seen feline. We’ll share their individual ways of communicating, maintaining home ranges, their shared biology and unique quirks, and most importantly just how important this cat is to the health of our environment.

Please follow our journey to learn about the lion that roams the hills and valleys you see out your window.

Lisa Wooden

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