Picture Worth a Thousand Words

Wildlife and nature photography can be a rewarding endeavor, as well as an exercise in patience! Photography opens up many opportunities for travel and exploration in the great outdoors, both globally and locally. For those of you who are looking to explore the wilder side of Nevada, wildlife photography offers a wonderful chance to commune with nature.

If you’re up for the adventure, look no further than the Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge. This refuge, located at the southern end of the Ruby Valley in northeastern Nevada, is frequented by migratory birds and other waterfowl such as Canvasback ducks, Trumpeter Swans, cormorants, Tundra Swans and so much more. While exploring the remote, 39,928 acre refuge, you may also encounter pronghorn, Rocky Mountain Elk, badgers and even coyotes. The area is booming with life and is a haven for wildlife photographers!

Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge even has photography blinds available by reservation for those who are interested. What an exceptional way to escape the daily grind and spend some time in the great outdoors with our wildlife!

Denise Peterson

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