Protesting Against Coyote Killing Contests

Do you love all of your wild Nevadan neighbors, even the ones others may consider pests? Do you disagree with the outdated, violent bloodsport that is the coyote killing contest?

Join dozens of other like-minded folks on Saturday, January 6th, as a group of conservationists plan to peacefully protest against coyote killing contests, which are still legal in the state of Nevada. Proponents of these shooting sprees claim that the indiscriminate killing serves conservation purposes as sort of a population control, but it just doesn’t add up.

We know that coyote populations self-regulate; there’s only so much space available for a family pack (a breeding pair, their offspring, and rarely any transients that they may take in), so in areas with high densities of coyotes, pack territories are highly sought after and well-defended. We also know that the death of the alpha female throws a pack order into disarray: the presence of alpha females prevents their daughters and any other unrelated females in the pack from breeding.

When adult female coyotes are killed, the non-alpha females of the pack are thus free to go off and breed with males as they please, thus increasing local populations. Now how does that make sense as a population control measure? Keep these points in mind as you spread the word about Nevada’s antiquated killing contests, and hopefully attend the protest on January 6th!

Saturday, January 6th at 1:00 pm

Wayside Bar, on the sidewalk in front of the bar
9015 Lemmon Drive
Reno, NV 89506

Aaron Huelsman

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