Rescued Bear Cubs

Earlier this month, two 5-week old black bear cubs, Yreka and Blaze, were rescued from the wild and taken to Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care (LTWC), a wildlife rehabilitation center. The rehabilitators said they will care for the cubs until they reach 100 pounds and are prepared with the skills to survive in the wild, then release them back into the wild. They have successfully rehabilitated 100 bears in the history of LTWC being established.

The two cubs were found alone and picked up by Highway 96 in Northern California, near Yreka, by California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) Officers. The officers brought the cubs to LTWC to receive the proper care. The cubs are so young, that they cannot walk yet, and normally would still be inside the den with their mother, so CDFW believes that they were moved from the den by someone illegally. They have searched in the nearby area for the mother, but have not found her, and are investigating this further to find the person responsible for moving them.

Spring is the time of year that baby wild animals are beginning to explore their world and learning how to walk or fly, and parents leave them in a safe place to search for food and bring it back to them. They are often mistaken for being injured or orphaned, when found alone. People come across these baby animals thinking they need to be rescued, and take them from their home to save them, but they have a better chance for survival in the wild with their mothers.

When you are recreating outdoors, or you come across baby wildlife, please remember to leave them alone, and keep your distance, so that the parents can find their babies when they return from getting food. Also, the parents often are nearby, and may attack you to protect their babies, if you get too close to them. If you have conflicts with your wild neighbors, or have concerns about their health and well-being, please contact your local Nevada Department of Wildlife office or wildlife rehabilitation center before trapping or picking up wildlife.

Jessica Whalen

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