Scavenger Species

You may have heard the term scavenger species before, but what exactly does that mean? While some species graze and other species hunt, there are those that, instead, forage and sometimes steal food from other wildlife. Scavenger species are essentially nature’s clean-up crew. These animals consume the “leftovers” that are left behind after other animals like mountain lions or wolves make a kill.

While there are some species that have very specific diets, scavenger species have learned that they can’t be too picky if they don’t want to go hungry. Scavenger species like vultures, coyotes, raccoons, and crows have rather diverse diets, eating whatever they come across — no matter how old or unusual. While this may sound unpalatable, scavenger species provide valuable ecosystem services by cleaning up after other animals and making sure that nothing goes to waste.

The natural world is a very intricate system where each species has a vital role to play in the maintenance of a healthy, functioning ecosystem. Whether it be a mountain lion, coyote, or a vulture, or even the seemingly insignificant ant, beetle or fly, every species is essential!

Denise Peterson

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