Survey Reveals Outdoor Recreational Trends

The US Fish & Wildlife Service has recently released their 2016 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Related Recreation, which also includes numbers from 2011 and 2006. The survey provides useful data on how the American public uses the wild spaces around them and informs conservation strategies. Were you one of these outdoor explorers last year?

Angling has risen 19% since 2006 (from 30 million anglers a year to 35.8 million), though average individual expenditures have dropped by 25%. Perhaps this points to more beginner anglers taking up fishing!

Nice catch! Redband trout caught at Jarbidge Wilderness Area north of Elko.

Hunting participation has dropped by 16% since 2011 (13.7 million hunters a year to 11.5 million), and big game hunters have decreased by 20%. Maybe people are choosing to do something else while outdoors; in the same time span, wildlife watching participation increased 21%!

Do you watch wildlife around your home? Are there scenic hikes a few hours away that you go on? Tell us how you like to spend your time in the beautiful Nevadan wilderness!

Aaron Huelsman

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