The Bears are Back!

During the cold winter months, black bears (Ursus americanus) go into a deep slumber called hibernation. By doing so, bears can save both energy and calories when food is scarce. However, warmer winters and human activity may be causing black bears to wake up early.

Recently, the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) has been receiving reports of black bear activity from Dayton to Western Reno. According to NDOW, “the increase in sightings is due to the bears no longer needing to hibernate since locating closer to our local neighborhoods and unsecured trashcans.” Unfortunately, neighborhood trash has become a reliable source of food for bears, ultimately making it easier for them to avoid hibernation.

So what can you do to keep wild bears wild and out of your neighborhood? It’s easy! You will want to remove any food sources like bird feeders or pet food, making sure to store edibles in airtight containers. Another solution is to use bear-proof trashcans that will prohibit any pesky visitors from accessing the can’s contents.

Learn more about county ordinances, wildlife feeding laws, and more by clicking here!

Living with wildlife like bears is a year-round responsibility but, with a little effort on our part, coexistence is possible! Removing attractants from our neighborhoods will go a long way in keeping both us and our wild neighbors safe.

Denise Peterson

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