The Desert at Night

If you’ve spent any time in the desert, you may have noticed that the days can seem pretty quiet — like there isn’t any wildlife. It may seem as if all of the animals are hiding. Well, due to the extreme heat in the desert, many animals actually do go into hiding during the day.

You may have heard that the desert comes alive at night. Nothing could be more true! Nights here are much cooler, so it’s less taxing on wildlife when they’re active. Many nocturnal¬†critters emerge after sunset to begin their quest for food.¬† Some of Nevada’s wild nightlife include kangaroo rats, coyotes, mountain lions, the Mojave rattlesnake, kit foxes, ringtailed cats, jackrabbits and much more!

Spend a night in a tent in the desert and you’ll know exactly what we mean! Imagine yourself camped out in the middle of nowhere. What kind of animals do you hear scurrying around? It’s not uncommon to hear coyotes singing in the distance or the quiet gnawing of a small rodent as it feasts away under the cover of night.

We encourage you to go out on a camping adventure sometime and listen to the desert come alive around you! It’s an amazing experience!

Denise Peterson

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