League to Save Lake Tahoe Cleans Up!

Many people don’t realize what our public lands look like after a major U.S. holiday. We are usually back in our home town, distracted from the daily grind of work and commuting. More often than not, the day following a big event like Independence Day results in major amounts of trash in our natural areas.

Many beach goers or lake enthusiasts leave the environment worse off than how they found it during these popular holidays. The fact of the matter is that most county staff are working skeleton shifts during these holidays and thereafter. Sometimes lands are segmented into many different jurisdictions, and it may be a lengthy process to plan and execute a big scale clean up.

Let’s be real – it shouldn’t be up to the county or other agencies to pick up the public’s mess. We should pick up after ourselves. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always translate to reality. A non-profit steps up to the plate every year with their annual cleanups. This year The League to Save Lake Tahoe and their crew of dedicated volunteers cleared Lake Tahoe, a popular tourist destination, of nearly 1,700 pounds of trash after the July 4th festivities.

Here at Know Your Nevada Neighbors, we want to say thank you! Thank you to The League to Save Lake Tahoe and the 320 volunteers for taking the time to protect our public lands of debris that effects a wide range of wildlife in California and Nevada.

To read more about their immense cleanup effort head over to the Reno Gazette-Journal’s online article.

Korinna Domingo

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