Water in the Desert

When most people think of Nevada, they think of the desert, but there’s so much more to Nevada than rocks, sand and heat! In fact, we’ve got some pretty great swimming holes where you can get out, explore nature and go wildlife watching.

Grab your paddle board, kayak or canoe and get ready to hit the water! Bonsai Rock is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts who are looking to escape summer’s heat. Bonsai Rock is located in western Nevada in Lake Tahoe, about 20 miles from Carson City. High up in the Sierra Mountains, Lake Tahoe is the second deepest alpine lake in the United States and is home to a plethora of unique wildlife.

When you’re out savoring the crystal clear, blue waters and majestic scenery, keep an eye out for critters like the long-toed salamander, American mink, marten and maybe even the occasional black bear. This area also boasts a wide variety of fish, waterfowl and raptors like bald eagles, golden eagles and red-tailed hawks. Who knows what you might see when you spend a day on the water!

Denise Peterson

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