Wildlife-Vehicle Collisions: The Price We Pay

Reducing the amount of animals we hit on the road won’t just benefit wildlife — human lives will be saved, too.

Wildlife-vehicle collisions (WVCs) result in almost 30,000 injuries to people annually. In addition to the average of $2,500 in vehicle repair costs, such injuries are costing an additional $2,700 in hospital bills and related expenses. Over a billion dollars are spent annually in the United States on property damages, but that’s only a fraction of the estimated $8,388,000,000 total annual cost associated with WVCs.

Worst of all, people can lose their lives because of these accidents. Over 200 human fatalities occur annually in the country. Fortunately, only 10 people have died in the past 10 years from WVCs in Nevada, but the goal will always be to reduce that number to zero.

Always be aware of your surroundings while driving, remaining especially vigilant during dusk, dawn, and nighttime. Driving more slowly will also reduce your chances of hitting an animal as you’ll have more time to react, which promotes safety on roads for humans and wildlife alike!

Aaron Huelsman

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